Mythbuster: A wallpaper can crash your phone

Wallpapers are a fun way to express yourself and your personality. So it’s not uncommon for people to be constantly looking for new wallpapers that they can use on their phones. If you are looking for wallpapers, you may want to avoid a particular wallpaper that could harm your smartphone.

Do not judge on appearance

This particular wallpaper shows what looks like a lake, trees, mountains and a beautiful sunset. Seen like that there is nothing dangerous. But according to reports, when used as wallpaper with Android phones, especially those made by Samsung, it crashes the devices. And in some cases, it even blocks them completely.

The origin of the bug

The bug would be due to a badly coded color profile hidden in the image. This is what causes the devices to freeze when used as a wallpaper. Although the Ice Universe tweet says it affects Samsung devices, we have received reports that it may also affect non-Samsung devices.

This is not the first time we have heard of seemingly innocent actions that can cause phones to crash. In the past we have encountered equally strange bugs. For example, it has happened that certain text messages may have caused crashes. If you receive this wallpaper do not let its calm and serene appearance fall asleep in a false feeling of security. We advise you to avoid using it.

But how do you solve this problem?

If you’ve used it as your wallpaper and your phone crashes, what you can do is start your phone in safe mode and change it. Alternatively, you may need to perform a custom recovery. Entering the phone startup section and performing a factory reset may also work. However, you will lose everything on your phone during the process

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