TeaTV APK 9.9r Download Latest Version in {2020}

TeaTV Apk #1 Android App for streaming live tv and movies for free.

Teatv app is a one-stop solution for streaming live tv, movies and various online content for free without any subscription or in-app purchases. This app contains video content from various sources that you can watch live. The content in teatv apk android app is the latest and available in HD completely free.

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Tea TV Apk : in & out –

Tea TV is basically a video content streaming app which works on almost every android device and a few other android based platforms. The best thing about this app is that you get to watch premium content like movies and shows which are paid on other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Other such apps. Also, you can watch new movies for free totally. This app uses different servers to provide you this content. You might think that there may be in-app purchases or subscriptions or some hidden charge for watching shows but there are no such charges. But there’s a catch here, in tea TV apk you would find ads as that is only their source of earnings so teatv no ads is a total myth. However, these ads are not annoying and don’t disturb you as might you think. So, need not be panicked.

Features of teatv apk for android:

Teatv apk comes with a bouquet of amazing features that you would love to enjoy fully. In this corner of this guide, we are going to talk about the features of this tea TV App in detail respectively. So, stay tuned with us until the end of this article. Now, talking about the features of this app lets spill the beans.

Latest shows and movies:-

This app hosts a wide range of video content that houses new Hollywood movies, tv shows, and online content which is fresh totally. The database of this app is updated frequently so you need not worry about the latest trending shows and movies. In short, every popular content will be available to you.

New content notification:

Every time new content is updated you will get a notification for that. Thus, you won’t miss the latest released movies, shows, and live tv channels. This proves really helpful when you are waiting for new episodes of your favorite shows, new movies, and events.

Save the movies:

Yes, you can save the movies and your favorite episodes at a click. This helps to view the contents when you are offline and also it proves handy where net connectivity is weak. And let’s admit that we all love to watch offline most of the time. Watching online is not so feasible.

Multiple Languages Support:

Teatv apk android is available in various different languages always. This, you can use this app in your own language and also search the contents in your language. This feature is quite handy for local users who like to watch the local content and there no stress of writing text in the English language. That’s a quite relief for users with less English language proficiency.

Pre embedded Video Player

For tea TV apk you don’t need any video player. This app has its own built-in video player for streaming and it is quite easy to use and simple user interface. Also, you can view this content in your video players like MX player, VLC for Android, etc. 

  1. Other features:-
    1. Free of cost
    2. EPG guide 
    3. Add videos To your favourites.
    4. Video download manager.
    5. Back up and Restore etc.

Download tea tv app:-

Being a free streaming app teatv apk android is not available on Google Play Store. This is quite as such apps are removed instantly due to the content piracy and plagiarism issues. Although, this app is completely harmless to its user. So, you might be anxious to know where could we download this app? Worry not guys, this app is available here, you can download it from the link provided below. Also, we have shown the installation process for your help. Check that too.

Link here—

Installation of teatv apk:-

As you know, you can’t download it from Google Play Store. So get it from the above link. Secondly, we have to give permission for “unknown sources” to install it externally. So moving on to our installation process let’s begin the process.

  1. Download teatv apk from above link. Now, go to your file manager and find the apk file of tea tv in it.
  2. Click on the apk file. The installation UI will pop up. 
  3. Continue the installation by clicking on “install” tab.
  4. Installation process will start immediately. It will take few seconds to complete the process.
  5. Once the installation process is complete. You are good to go.
  6. Now open the teatv app from your app drawer then sign up and sign in and start streaming the app freely.. 


By now, you might have a few doubts and questions. Let’s resolve them one by one.

Q- What is Tea?

Ans: Tea TV is the latest and best among the free streaming services apps. You can watch various types of content in this app. The content of This house like movies, shows, live tv etc

Q- Is this app Legal?

Ans. Yes, sort off. This app contains a few premium contents but that is compensated through ads you see during the streaming. Also, it’s not Google Play and installed through sideloading. 

Q- Is Teatv safe and secure? Does it contain malware and spyware?

Ans: Yes, it is totally safe, secure and does not have malware and spyware at all. So please don’t worry about the safety of your device. It will not harm any way to your device. 

Q- Is TeaTV free?

Ans: Yup. Of course, this app is completely free and there is no secret charge to use this app. The fees are zero and they get comprised through ads viewing. Also, don’t worry about these ads as they do not disturb you at all.

Q-  How doe this app works?

Ans: This app works through streaming content through their servers. These servers are private and you can switch the servers if the content is not playing. This becomes quite handy for streaming.

Q- Is there any Alternative to this app?

Ans: Yes, Apps like Titanium TV, BeeTV, Morpheus TV, TVZion, and ThopTV, etc. Are few alternatives for the tea tv app.

Conclusive Brief:

So, basically you know everything about this app now and how to use this app as well. Now, a few of us might be curious to know about the installation of this app in different devices other than android mobile. So let’s clear that. Yes, tea tv for iOS is available, tea tv for windows is available, tea tv on iPhone and tea on the iPad can be installed. Also, teatv apk for firestick is available. And how to do that? For this you need to see our other articles where a detailed report on them is provided.

To give you a glance at that, you can have tea tv on PC through an android emulator.

Thanks for being with us all along with the article.

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