Best BeeTV App Alternatives | Similar apps like BeeTV

Looking for Beetv alternatives or apps like Beetv? Well, you are in the right place. Here you will find apps that are alternatives of beetv app in 2019 which means you can watch tv shows and movies online. But in case if you don’t know about the  Beetv app, let me tell you, Beetv was an amazing app that let you stream all the great content in good quality on the same app.

Beetv is a great app for streaming movies and tv shows online but probably not a perfect app, there is no perfect free streaming app. however when compare to other streaming apps, or say, Beetv alternatives out there Beetv still stands a chance with its amazing features and its quality content collection.

beetv alternatives

Beetv offered you almost all those features that can make your experience better. The app supports inbuilt Subtitles, you can also download movies from Beetv, there is a great collection of movies and series in HD. Nevertheless,  Beetv is pretty easy to use app and updates are available on the regular.

Let’s talk about them one by one. Here are  BeeTV alternatives in 2020:

ShowBox HD

Showbox is the first app that comes to mind whenever you talk about a free streaming app. The Showbox was the one who initiated the trend of all these new apps.  there was a series of streaming apps after the Showbox. The app became extremely popular after it launched as it came with some of the amazing features like offline streaming.

showbox hd apk

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD consists of a user-friendly and interactive UI with a huge collection of movies and tv series. PlayBox HD uses links from the web for streaming. Playbox HD is available for Android as well as for iOS. Cyberflix tv for iPhone is far from reality. There is one more amazing feature for parents and that is the Kids mode where you can restrict all the adult or sensitive content. If you have children who watch content on apps like these, this feature will come in handy. not only that, Playbox HD is Chromecast compatible. 

playbox hd apk


Tv zion is another great alternative for BeeTV to watch movies and tv series online on your android and firestick. The user interface of TVZion is great and user-friendly on both Android and Firestick. The app lets you enable to get links from the fastest servers available to let you access a huge database of movies. However,  It crashes a lot of times, but in case if beetv shut down, you can definitely use TVZion as BeeTV’s replacement.

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is a great BeeTV alternative that you can use to replace Beetv. It almost has the same user interface but with better streaming links and more importantly, we don’t have any ads. Cyberflix TV has almost all the features that you can enjoy on the BeeTV. You can consider Cyberflix TV as the best BeeTV alternative and you can call Cyberflix tv as the BeeTV slayer. 

Typhoon TV:

Now another live TV streaming app becomes popular, as it comes with many features that no other TV streaming applications have. I personally use this app and now it is the only TV app I had installed right now. This feature-rich application has all that is required to replace BeeTV app.

So these are the alternative apps for beetv application if you think there is any other app that can take place in our list then tell us in the comment section.

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