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In this modern world, it can be an arduous task to find a person who doesn’t watch movies or web shows. Probably every person who has a smart device and a decent internet connection loves to watch quality content available online. Some of them like to stream it online, some like to download it offline, and some of them like to make use of different platforms. But there is a problem here. Major online platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime require at least a monthly subscription for you being able to stream or download shows and/or movies on their platform. Although there is a free trial period, you need to enter card credentials that nobody actually likes to do. To relieve some of your stress, not all is lost, and here is an application that provides you with a ton of movies, shows, cartoons, anime, etc. Basically, you name a show and it comes there. Want to know more about this?

beetv for ios

Bee TV – The One Streaming App That Everyone Needs:

Bee TV is like a ‘God of dreams’ in the world of web series and movies. This application houses thousands and thousands of online streaming content. What do you have to do? Just download the app and search for a show. It is that that simple! And the best part is that this application is absolutely free! Now, you must be wondering how this platform has so many shows available on it. Well, this is because Bee TV developers have partnered with lots of online media services providers for each genre of shows. Here are some quality features of Bee TV:

  • The application is available for free 
  • It is supported by many operating systems
  • It has a ton of shows, even those that are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • You can stream, download, or save shows as ‘favourites’ to watch them later
  • You may also request for shows that are not already there on the app
  • Shows are available in both HD and SD qualities
  • Even the latest movies and shows’ episodes get added to this platform in about a week or so
  • It is not a high resource-demanding application. It can run on slow devices as well
  • You can also download subtitles manually to enjoy watching the show even more
  • You can actually watch those shows for which you would have to pay on other platforms. So, it saves you money too!

Is Bee TV available for iOS?

Now, a lot of you must be wondering whether this application works on iOS or not. Well, hate to break it to you but this application doesn’t run on iOS. In other words, iOS doesn’t support this application. iOS is known for its tight security and it usually doesn’t allow many applications to run on it. That is why you find more apps for other operating systems than iOS. So, don’t bother looking for ways to download this on iOS, you won’t find any. But all is not lost. You can still use this application on your Macintosh device. Let us have a quick look –

How To Install Bee TV On A Macintosh Device:

  • First off, you need to download an Android emulator for your Macintosh device. The most popular and best option would be to install ‘Bluestacks’.
  • Download the Mac version of Bluestacks from the original website. Install it, and then login with your Google account. 
  • Next, download the APK file for Bee TV from their official website. 
  • When you have it downloaded, right-click on the APK file and open it with Bluestacks. There, the app would get installed in a matter of seconds, and you can enjoy watching shows for free on your Macintosh device!

Did You Have An Amazing Experience?

Overall, Bee TV is an awesome application that does not really leave you with anything to complain about. Sadly, this application is not available for iOS but you can still install it on your Macintosh device and watch movies and shows for free there. It is possible that Apple someday gives it access, but for the time being, you will have run this application on other platforms.

We hope you have a good time binging shows!

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